The word of God lets us know in Philippians that we should think about things that are “holy, pure, right, true, exquisite, outstanding, amazing and deserving of praises”. These words do not apply to the radio (or TV) today. A quick scan through some stations on the radio today will leave you shocked at the level of vulgar and immoral lyrics and music being aired on the radio. I don’t think that Jesus would tune in to the greater part of what’s being broadcasted today.


But amongst all these chaotic immorality, there is a distinctive exception – Christian radio. Christian radio gives the ideal place of refuge on the radio dial for you and your family. Christian radio has evolved over the previous decade to incorporate different styles. Regardless of what your most loved style of music might be, there is a Christian radio station playing it.


My young little girl appreciates harder shake and even Hip-Hop. Luckily, she doesn’t need to tune in to the common radio to hear this sort of music. She listens online to a station that plays a Christian variant of this music. The sound is the same – the verses are Christian, promoting Christian esteems, giving me and my significant other genuine feelings of serenity. (Adolescents need to hear encouraging messages. It’s already hard being an adolescent and remaining chaste with the consistent exposure to unworthy materials in the society of today).


My entire household appreciates Praise and Worship. We are Chris Tomlin and Rita Springer fans. I appreciate returning home and hearing my kids singing along to some of the worship songs she loves, for example, “Holy is The Lord”. It’s a gift to realize that her brain is being exposed to things that will lift HIS name high.

I Like it all. I appreciate Christian radio in all Genres. I appreciate Christian Rock bands like Reliant K and Switchfoot. I jump at the chance to sing along with the David Crowder Band and DecembeRadio. I have been able to learn a whole lot from Christian talk radio with radio programs like, “Point of View”, “Parent Talk On-Call”, and “Concentrate on the Family”. I particularly appreciate Southern Gospel music and Christian bands like the Crabb Family, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound and the Perrys.


Whenever you get in your vehicle and turn the radio on, examine what you are hearing, take your time to really listen. Where is it taking you? Does it help you to think on things that are holy and pure? Do the verses and commercials direct your mind to things that are good, and right? Does the OAP say things that are ok for a true Christian and deserving of HIS praises? If not, you have to get yourself tuned in to a decent Christian radio station and remain there.