Tune your radio dial up and down, through some stations. What do you hear? What do your kids listen to? As Christians, we are to reflect on the things that are “chaste, beautiful, outstanding and commendable” (Phil 4:8). Let’s be honest, the greater part of what is found all over radio stations today do not possess all that is necessary to suit your life as a true Christian.


Luckily, Christian radio has developed to transmit good music for all Christians to live by. The picture of Christian radio and Christian music as a least favorite option is no longer a practical logic. Christian radio has bloomed in the past ten years and now has a sound that is in any event in the same class as a mainstream radio with contemporary music. Without a doubt, a portion of the bigger Christian radio stations are transmitting in HD radio frequencies and Christian Radio can be found on satellite radio too.

This is an uplifting news for Christian parents who are attempting train their kids up in the methods of the Lord. In the event that you scan through your radio dial, you will undoubtedly have the capacity to locate a Christian radio station that plays music that “sounds like” what your kids are tuning in to; Rock, Hip-hop, Rap. It’s all there, BUT with Christian verses and children love it!


The youths of today have influenced the Christian community to like Switchfoot and P.O.D. top musicians on the secular and Christian radio. The music attracts them and the message can change their life. I had a chat with a young mother on the phone. She was in her vehicle with her adolescent girl when “ZJams” came up. This is a syndicated Christian radio program that plays Christian music. The mother allowed the music to play and her girl really loved it. She had a hard time believing what she was hearing on a Christian radio station. The little girl has turned into a standard audience. What is great is that as she is listening with rapt attention, she is getting the Word in the melodies and in the services and prayer sections, that occurs between the music.


Christian radio isn’t only for kids. There is something for everybody. The present Gospel Music of today is not the same as the Gospel Music that your dad listened to back when he was young. Gatherings like the Crabb Family, Ernie Hass and Signature Sound, the Booth Brothers and others, all directly or indirectly inspired us into having a radio station that transmits sounds with a more extensive appeal. The Bill Gaither Homecoming Series recordings and CD’s are a portion of the bestselling records in the world of music today. Country musicians like Randy Travis, Charlie Daniels, and Carrie Underwood have traversed to Christian music making Christian music very appealing to many country music fans.


Whatever your taste in music might be, Radio Shalom Haiti has a sound that will give you a sense of fulfillment. It truly is music with the Word of life.