Growing Your Spirituality with Christian Music – Christian Radio

Spirituality is a very important aspect of our lives as Christians, as a matter of fact, we value our spiritual lives more than the physical life. This is because we believe that our stay here on earth is only temporary, prior to the time we will go to be with our maker. That is why we Christians strive to grow our spirituality daily, to be found worthy of HIS presence when we leave here to go and be with HIM. But these have become very difficult to do in present times, maybe due to so many distractions, earthy and fleshy desires that we are constantly being distracted with.

One of these distractions, MUSIC… music, as they say, is a universal language. We all love one style or genre of music or the other, be it Hip-hop, Rap, Blues or any other genre of music, the fact remains that we are all connected to music. But how is the music we listen to affecting our spirituality? Is it influencing our spirituality to grow or depreciate? Is it making us better Christians or not? These are questions a true Christian should sincerely answer.

The secular music as we know it has evolved into a big mess, with loads of negativity becoming in other of the day, and the fact that this style of music is very popular, makes the problem much worse. The secular artists now use the popularity of their songs to promote loads of social vices and immoralities, from casual sex to drugs, violence, foul languages, gang crimes, and indecent dressing. These immoral messages have influenced us so much that we tend to believe and live our lives in that direction. But that doesn’t make it right, our spirituality is dwindling and being driven to extinction by these lifestyles introduced by these unworthy songs.

So, how do we Christians solve this problem without having to give up on music entirely? How do we listen to our favorite genres of music and still not have it influence our lives negatively? The Bible tells us that we should listen to and think only that which is “pure, holy, praiseworthy and uplifts HIS name”, so how do we do this in a world with so much corrupt music with inappropriate messages? Well, the answer is Christian Music. We need music with meaningful lyrics that are healthy for our spiritual growth, music that is pure and holy, songs that will give HIS name praises and exalt HIM higher.

Christian music has evolved as well, now you don’t have to give up on the genre of music that you love the most, as Christian music is not just one genre but cuts across all genres of music, be it Rap, Hip-hop, Reggae and Blues, Christian music has it all. So, to grow your spirituality as a Christian with music, get glued to a Christian radio station, whether at home, in your car, or even on the internet, Christian radios can be found everywhere.